About Dr. Gelhot’s Advanced Wellness Internal Medicine Practice

Dr. Gelhot provides a comprehensive medical evaluation regarding your current health problems as well as preventive care. She is constantly researching new treatment options for her patients.
Dr. Gelhot provides exceptional individualized service with a highly comprehensive health care approach. Her care often includes medical advocacy and research.
Dr. Gelhot has established relationships with outstanding local and national specialists, ensuring access to strong innovative treatment options. She is happy to discuss your case with such specialists whenever warranted.

Dr. Gelhot’s Personalized Care Program

Dr. Gelhot may be retained in advance to provide Personalized Medical Access and wellness care.
Contact the office at 314.576.0094 for details.
Her Personalized Care Program includes:
  • Direct access to Dr. Gelhot, including a cell phone number for urgent issues
  • Leisurely same day or next day visits
  • No-wait visits
  • Assiduous preventive care to help prevent costly hospitalizations and exacerbations of chronic diseases
  • Online access to your lab results
  • A strong focus on prevention and wellness
  • Daily Thermal Massage therapy (Monday through Friday)
  • Exercise consultation
  • Dietary consultation
  • Hormone consultation
  • Personalized Wellness Plan
  • Extensive personalized Preventive Care Plan
  • Assistance getting care while traveling
  • Visiting family and friends can be treated
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