Helen Gelhot, M.D.

Dr. Helen Gelhot is a physician and renowned speaker and motivator who has been featured worldwide in print and broadcast media. She has spoken to members of various entities, both non-profit and for profit. Organizations have included healthcare, education and philanthropic arenas.
Topics include health care as it related to the doctor patient relationship, perseverance, and advanced health care.
Writing on health care and the importance of patient care locally; as well she interviewing with the Wall Street Journal, regarding this key topic early in her career is evidence of her passion surrounding the subject. It is part of her.
Surviving near death and extended illness, Dr. Gelhot relating her poignant story leaves the audience with no doubt of the the existence of the indomitable human spirit.
Healing her own illness through aggressive research, Dr. Gelhot has become an open, out of the box physician, striving to treat her patients in the most complementary and comprehensive manner possible.
Speaking engagements may encompass keynote, half-day, and full-day, as well as extended engagements.
Call for current pricing. Variables include location, audience and subject. 314.576.0094.
Helen Gelhot, M.D.
Dr. Helen Gelhot