Two Steps and Seven Pillars of Weight Loss Success

The Private MD Personalized Comprehensive Weight Management Program reflects our belief that we could best meet the needs of our patients in two steps, supported by seven "pillars" of optimal, effective weight management.

The Two Steps

Step 1. Weight Loss. This can be achieved using either our monthly program or our weekly program, based on your needs and goals:
  • Monthly Visits: If you're are committed to losing weight now, feel self-motivated, and can go a full month between visits and reach your goal, this is the program for you.
  • Weekly Visits: If you want a more goal-directed or hands-on process of weight loss or have a specific timeline for losing weight, then this is a more realistic program for meeting your goals.
Step 2. Weight Management. Keeping your body at its optimum weight using our on-going maintenance program.
I have been struggling with spinal pain and immobility for 5 years. During the five years, I tried desperately but was unable to keep my weight down. I eventually went from trying to stay under 150 pounds, to trying to stay under 200 pounds to completely giving up on weight control. Needless to say, I developed additional problems because of the weight.
It had become so difficult for me to lose two pounds that I did not believe that I could lose 3 to 5 pounds per week until I actually lost 40 pounds in about 10 weeks under the medical care of Dr. Helen Gelhot and using{her}Take Shape For Life program! I believe I will reach my ideal weight and already I am breathing and walking better. My daily task of pain management is not as labor intensive as I can move about more easily with the 40 pounds off. I know there are other positive changes in my body that will extend my life expectancy.
I canít thank you enough, Dr. Gelhot!
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The Seven Pillars

Experience has shown us that losing weight involves adjusting more than just one aspect of your life.
Humans have many facets, and all of them come into play with varying degrees of complexity when you try to lose weight.
We believe that healthy, effective, sustainable weight loss and subsequent weight management requires that you address all of the following in your weight loss program:
  • Appetite Control
  • Behavior Modification
  • Cognitive Changes
  • Nutrient Intake
  • Emotional Issues
  • Physical Activity
  • Hormonal (Glandular) Issues
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Getting Started